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Here you'll find detailed information on all of the tanks and other armored vehicles in World of Tanks. This wiki can help you become acquainted with the statistics, tactics, and general capabilities of the various tanks you own, plan to own, or encounter.

In addition to the tank pages, you can find information about the equipment you can add to your tanks, skills your crew can learn, game mechanics, lingo, and more.

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View Source View history. World of Tanks. Jump to: navigationsearch. Germany U. China France U. Japan Czechoslovakia Sweden Poland Italy. Light Tanks.

Medium Tanks. Heavy Tanks. Tank Destroyers. Modules Gun. Options Crew. Game Mechanics Matchmaker. Battle Mechanics. Player Ratings. Guide Maps. Gold Economy. Game Economy.You might have heard the name before, whispered in the darkest of forum threads, or perhaps screamed by many a noob, dying from your shells.

Yes and no. Practically every illegal mod you can think of. So, naturally, you expect players abusing this to be banned, yes? Well, not quite. Check this out. Reddit is one of the largest WoT communities and I kinda like it, but it has some very special people, like those, who openly post their screenshots, where they are running Warpack notice all the settings and options Warpack offers :.

Yep, totally unrelated answer explaining what mods are. Clear copy-paste. EU support, best support ever. Naturally, the player complained. Okay, no, not really. I want strict punishments of cheaters. But it is what it is.

It would be foolish to think every person killing you with a trick shot is a cheater — the amount of cheaters is probably low in general. This leads to major fuckups, such as:. WG Minsk really needs to send some of their people directly to foreign departments to deal with this shit. OK, thanks for clearing this up. I was wondering how and why? The above is shocking that Challenger is pretty anti the developers….

I really hope he gets his lazy incompetent ass fired and they put one of their own people in charge of getting all the EU development done.

Could WG work directly with historians in French in order to fix French tree like how they work with cz and sweden? The whole idea of having offices elsewhere is to not have to travel across the globe to talk to people and pick up stuff for you not to mention to avoid cultural differences leading to conflict. If Cutland is employed by WG, he must have a fucking fantastic severance package since they didnt already sack him….

Is there anything we can do, as a player base, to tell Minsk to get serious about this? And SS would probably do a better job than Cutland would tbh. At least he tries to get shit done.Well its not that simple, a HP tank is just as competetive as a full HP tank.

Its not a guaranteed kill.

AVS Mods - Best global World Of Tanks modification

Since armor doesnt deteriorate, tbh people are more confused that low HP tanks armor is as strong as a full HP ones than the opposite. Where did WG get that claim from that people would be too confused by a more detailed damage system?

The idiots kept aiming for my mantlet and the people left were very accurate tanks, cromwells, hellcats, panthers iirc. I carried the game because of their ignorance of the ability of low HP targets. If it was just pubbies with low ratings it would be amusing. I find that incredibly sad, since they should know better than sometimes lucky shots from crazy distances can result in amazing things. I've had a "so, how does it feel to be one of those WG-protected players?

I almost never fire prem in the HC. If you're firing at the front tier 8 heavies, you're Hellcatting wronk. WR, WN8, Average damage are all increasing sharply over the last 4k games. The very definition of improving.

Читер на мутановске

Who cares if he just plays hellcat. Wow he did well too. I would assume a player who can do damage in a t6 game would know better. I'm fucking terrible and I can do 2. I haven't read any claims for "Gold armor" yet. I'm guessing we are just waiting for it. And then some to explain how "gold" would actually be far worse to deteriorate their minds even further.

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WarPack - mods for World of Tanks and World of Warships

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I ask because today in one of my matches, i swear an SU was using it. He was on the other side of the map, and dropping shots in between these 2 hills trying to hit me and 2 other tanks.

By other side of the map, i mean I'm in the 2 line, and he's in the 0 line. Hartziel, on May 10 -said:. Already 2 going on Sounds like, from your description, he wasn't hitting any of you, so he also may have been simply blind-shooting a likely spot. Dedmanwalkin, on May 10 -said:.

But with that low pen with that great a distance, even if they hit, it wouldn't pen and do any damage. This is what I was thinking; I've made shots at over m when someone else was spotting, and my target was near the corner of my draw box. Also, you can hit targets beyond your draw distance sometimes, if you know where to shoot; shooting popular bushes that are a bit outside the draw box has garnered me a few 'hax' claims. Tolos, on May 10 -said:.

BrianHorrocks, on May 10 -said:. So because I correct someone that gave the wrong information, you imply that i'm using warpack While this is not and example of what happened to the OP it is a good example of what can be done if you know the maps and player behaviour well.

Community Forum Software by IP. Search Advanced Search section: This topic Forums. Warpack mod Started by mustangmanMay 10 - Is there a way for players to positively tell when another player is using this? We can't all report every player we come across for cheats when we have no clue.

I dont think there is a way to tell for sure but if in doubt and your fairly certain there is no other reason or way the guy could do what you have said perhaps send the replay to support.

Hartziel 3 Posted May 10 - Major.

wot warpack

Only way to fix warpack is ban everyone using premium account :. You have to have one to use it!! I personally think WG secretly supports it because they make money. Lonewulff 7 Posted May 10 - Staff sergeant.

Profanity censored. Some players use the mini map and experience with the map. Based on where you were last spotted, even if you are well beyond draw range if one knows the map and landmark where you on the mini map one can get lucky with hits. Lapdog1 9 Posted May 10 - Major. Was a time they would remove threads containing this title.

Im seeing so many lately im begining to wonder if they are actually an underhanded attempt at advertising. Some People suspect that when you get hit and every shot causes module or crew Damage. SourKraut13 12 Posted May 10 - Major. Dedmanwalkin, on May 10 -said: Some players use the mini map and experience with the map.Now, they decided to contact him again to see how the paid assembly of illegal mods was doing after the introduction of Action Script 3.

Q: Good afternoon. A: What do you want from me? Q: After the release of Patch 9. A: None. More precisely, yes, but this is due to the fact that we were all doing other stuff.

Q: Have you heard about Wargaming work against illegal mods? Wargaming was looking for some specialists, and said they found them, what do you have to say? The main idea of the books is that the best anti-theft can only be a thief recruited for one reason or another. Q: Wargaming never contacted you since we last interviewed you? A: And did they ever had desire to contact us? At the moment they WG seem to be having server-side problems and are looking for someone to fill the holes. I believe its related to gold leakage problem.

But my guess is that they fired someone and now are looking for someone to fill that position. Q: Not long ago there was a rumour that WG will introduce codes access keys to modsand this way ridding the game of unwanted mods. What you have to say? A: These are rumours on rumours. Q: Do you follow ships more than tanks? A: No, not at all. I know that Zhivets was demoted. Q: Can you remind us of what the scandal was about? A: In the client, when aiming to the enemy ship at the correct spot, the stopwatch near the reticle would blink.

Modders did mods where a sound would indicate when this happens. Not a single one got banned because it uses an in-game aim predictor. Q: So this is not a cheat? We do mods, not cheats. We use what is in the game and make it easier to use by players with mods. There are foreign comrades that make cheats, programs that work outside the game. They are not as comfortable and accurate, but these are cheats.

A: We were almost its developers.Jump to content. Gitmobound, on Jan 23 -said:. I heard rumors that a well known clan, who shall remain nameless, had a bunch of it's players banned for using it. Not sure why a clan of that stature would need such hacks but hey. I don't know. GunTurret, on Feb 01 -said:. GunTurret, on Jan 31 -said:.

Community Forum Software by IP.

I get an error when launching the World of Tanks client. What should I do?

Search Advanced Search section: This topic Forums. Question: Is Warpack legal to use? Started by GitmoboundJan 24 - Gitmobound 1 Posted Jan 24 - Private. Is it legal to use the mod Warpack? Do not want to go get myself banned for ignorance of rules. Archeronv1 2 Posted Jan 24 - Captain. Asassian7 3 Posted Jan 24 - Major.

Even mentioning the mod which should not be mentioned will often get you banned. Gitmobound, on Jan 23 -said: Is it legal to use the mod Warpack? But if you're going to do it, you should expect the consequences.

And Warpack is most definately going to bring consequences. Not sure if serious Call me a idiot, but what is warpack? WulfeHound 10 Posted Jan 24 - Major. Short answer: no Long answer: nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Warpack aka warhack is basically every banned mod rolled into one big ball of viruses and adware. It requires a monthly subscription which is kinda funnyinstalls malware on your system, and gives you access to multiple bots, the illegal minimap mods like destroyed objects, laser beams, etclaser sights coming from all tank guns, etc.

And yes, if you're caught using it, kiss your account goodbye. Gitmobound 12 Posted Jan 24 - Private. Thank you all, I have been seeing lots of people talking about it in battlegrounds the last few days, and tonight a guy told me he killed me using it, so I wanted clarification.

Stored 13 Posted Jan 24 - Staff sergeant. No Warpack is not allowed, but for a little coin you could get your hand on some wot-famous Rel-Hax. I was told that as long as you maintain a premium account with wot that warpack gives a kick back to wot and they receive funds from you maintaining a premium account so they look the other way.

The way i see it.Get the best experience in games with WarPack! WarPack Dealer. Read More. Actual version Current version Warpack for WoT 1. New sight for tanks! On the keyswith the sign at the end, added a new sight "Achilles". Steam version of the game WarPack for ships now supports Steam version of the game. Squadron Commander ships Dear usersdue to the changes made by the game developers to the logic of aircraft controlthe update of the "squadron commander" mod is delayed. Compensation ships Due to the delay in updating the "squadron commander" modcompensation was awarded for 3 days for keys that were active to date October 7.

New mod for Trident ships Trident-mod from Chinese developers, the feature of this mod is ease of useyou do not need to make any settings in the port. A demo video is provided below on the page. Trident includes the following mods: - automatic sight that works by capturing the target by default, the hotkey for capturing the target is the right mouse button - auto-shooting -mod rainbow shows where the shells will fall flying at you -torpedo lines shows the direction of enemy torpedoes.

About us. Warpack Advantages -The adaptation of the mods -Game account security -User support -Automatic update -Unique mods only in the Warpack.

wot warpack

Mods, for now, in Warpack for ships -automatic sight that works by capturing a target using linear or combined pre-emption -auto shot -art mode top view -mod rainbow shows where the shells will fall flying at you -torpedo lines shows the direction of enemy torpedoes -circles and smoke timer shows the boundaries of your smoke and the time when the smoke will disappear -manual lead point -target movement marker moves straight or maneuvers -manual adjustment of the height of the lead point and lead in battle, using hotkey - automatic lead point mode automatic height adjustment -mod "squadron Commander" automatic reset torpedoes and bombs, with improved hit.

Mods, for nowin Trident ships - automatic sight that works by capturing the target by default, the hotkey for capturing the target is the right mouse button - auto-shooting - mod rainbow shows where the shells will fall flying at you - torpedo lines shows the direction of enemy torpedoes.

WarPack for ships 2 Products Buy Now. Trident ships 2 Products Buy Now. Start using now! Trident video review. WarPack video for tanks. WarPack video for ships. Check it out today! Example attack torpedo. Example attack stormtroopers. Example of a bomber attack. Mod interface in battle ships The interface mod in the battle tanks Mod interface in port The interface mod in the hangar.

Instruction for use mod Squadron commander. Display the attack lead on the target and commit the target. Control of automatic adjustment of the aiming and auto-reset.

Attack of the stormtroopers. Attack by torpedo bombers. Attack by bombers.

wot warpack

Frequently asked questions. Unbinding the key from the account. Dear usersyou can untie your key from the account of the game on which the first launch of Warpack was made and use on another account to untie the key from the accountyou need to contact through the feedback form at the bottom of the page and specify your key. Important: during the "unbinding" key, you should not be in the game. To bind the key, you just need to run Warpack on a new account.

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