Best archer build pathfinder

This is one of my favorite archer builds that peppers out some hefty damage and also acts as a skill monkey for the party. You can play it from start-to-finish on any difficulty level. Our level 10 Slayer clearing the room of undead. He was first in the initiative order, catching all the enemies flat-footed. Build Progression: Slayer Deliver Precise Shot 4. ST: Trapfinding 5.

Rapid Shot 6. Clustered Shot 8. ST, Menacing: Shatter Defenses 9. Improved Precise Shot Improved Critical ST: Deadly Aim WF: Longbow Improved Initiative ST: Hammer the Gap. Our Slayer at Level 12 with a solid Many Shot critical hit.

Our end game attack bonus is wonderfully ridiculous.

best archer build pathfinder

An end game critical hit of almost damage. This is one attack of six. Your email address will not be published.

best archer build pathfinder

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For more info please access vi's website. I like for more skill points. Why Half-Elf? All of these are extremely viable racial bonuses in PKM. Why Deliverer?With that said, an average experienced gamer should get the hang of it. Outside of combat Double Bingo is a decent intimidator and knowledge buff. The Wizard God part of him allows him to control the battlefield with area spells.

The fighter archer part of him makes him a damaging multi-shooter. The arcane archer part of him lets Presto Fling combine his area spells with an arrow attack and enchant his bow. Other spells just make him a more powerful archer. That means just about anything. Read his strategy section. Ease of Play 10 out of 10 ; Niche Effectiveness 10 out of 10 ; Weaknesses none. Maybe his only negative is that Improved Zen Gee is much better. Some days he might just want to buff himself and enchant his bow and shoot deadly arrows.

Other days he might just battlefield control the enemy with area spells. He is pretty good at everything. He enjoys most dancing and dodging while shooting the bow, thus, his name. Goodwill Hunting — This Optimized Paladin Divine Hunter Archer Build is a critical specialist who uses a shocking burst bow that he can further enchant to be a flaming burst bow.

When he hits with critical arrows, and he will, the damage is ravaging. If you are an evil boss, add smite on top of everything already mentioned. Did I mention that he has spells that can make his attacks even more deadly and himself more elusive? Did I mention he can use wands?

He heals and is a leader outside of battle. Ease of Play 9 out of 10 ; Niche Effectiveness 10 out of 10 ; Weaknesses none. He is skillful enough to tag along as protection for scouts. Youra Hoo Watt — This Optimized Fighter Archer Build is a multi-attacking and snap shooting damager who confuses her party members with how skillful she is. Her ability to scout, lead and use wands on top of dishing out tremendous damage makes her on exciting fighter to play.Opening Note: What are Zen Archers and what are they not?

First, Zen Archers are not the most damaging or accurate archers in the game. Really, they are not even close to the most accurate or damaging archers in the game.

Zen Archers are an archer that has strong survivability and escapability and skills. So when you play one you are saying, I will except hitting the target far less so that I can make sure that the enemy does not hit me with a spell or attack.

Pathfinder: Kingmaker - Magus Eldritch Archer Build

The name to the game in Pathfinder is kill the enemy as quickly as possible and that is all the defense you normally need. Plus, if your Cleric, Mages, and other spellcasters are doing their job, the group should have all the escapability and survivability it needs.

Your job is to destroy the target and Zen Archers are not good at that. Miscellaneous Items Qingong substitutions are optional so it can be combined with any monk archetype. The build is fine. Improved zen gee is even better. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated! Overall a good build. Add a level of Empyreal celestial sorcerer or Conversion Infiltrator Inquisitor if you want to mix it up a bit. Why a dex belt and not a strength belt? Ac, reflex,initiative, stealth, escape artist.

With that said, you can do the strength belt if you like. However, it is never specified what exactly gives him this option. Could you elaborate on this? I built a Sacred Fist Zen Archer from scratch and came to much the same conclusions as the author.

There seems to be a lot of redundancy from the sacred fist to the Zen Archer so you end up wasting feats from one class to the other because they both offer similar feats and abilities.

Email Address. Skip to content. Nonetheless, the best Zen Archer you can make is below.

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Pathfinder: Kingmaker Single-Class Build – Slayer Archer

Pathfinder: Kingmaker Store Page. Global Achievements. Rhawkas View Profile View Posts. I initially thought fighter, but seeing how many enemy archers get devasting sneak attacks with their bows make rogue look pretty tempting. Rangers seem to be the stereotypical archer class, but how do they really stack up? Any thoughts from people who have toyed around with this? Showing 1 - 15 of 64 comments.

Trevalon View Profile View Posts. I asked this same question 2 days ago and got a few answers but nothing too concrete. Most people tended to think that Fighter was overall the best choice because of all the feats. Rangers are not a bad choice especially Stormwarden for the extra Archery Feats but Rangers suffer from the fact that if they are not fighting their Favored Enemy they are just kinda mediocre.

Rogue is an interesting choice but most still thought figther would be best in the end. Personally, I am really interested in a Vivisectionist Archer. Add in that they get Sneak Attacks just like a rogue and you can use their medical discoveries as feats apparently to get those all important Archer feats seems like they would be a great archer with a good mix of spells in their bombs. Also Mutagens get pretty dang powerful the higher you get. I dunno, right now I have a Stormwarden but im not very far into the game and he seems to be fairing well but seems pretty boring.

I really think im gonna give that Vivi a try. Best archer class is twohanded fighter, you can fire yourself straight at those archers. Meeky View Profile View Posts. Per St0nemender: There are several bracers of archery in the game and at least one of them can be found really early into the game, which allow you to wield any type of bow, which basicly saves you the necessary feats.

As others have noted, you can get some really good archery builds by dipping into various classes instead of going just purely into one class through level It's worth discussing at the least.

Here's my take: Raw Damage Archers.Building your character in Pathfinder : Kingmaker can be as complicated or as simple as you want it to be. Some are powerful on their own, some are better as a multiclass, but all have a good chance of making your next playthrough much more enjoyable. Eldritch Knight is a powerful prestige class that gives the character a lot of flexibility and rewards them for it.

Bard is an excellent class for players who enjoy support roles but want to be a jack of all trades skill-wise. The buffs you can give your companions are very powerful at higher levels and the spells are nice at lower levels. If you want an archetype definitely go for Thundercaller as it really shines the more Charisma your character has.

The reason it does is because of the archetype Scaled Fist. These Charismatic monks have tapped into their draconic natures and gained access to all kinds of abilities. These monks have a nice movement speed which cuts down on travel time, increased immunities, and resistances to things like Fear is immensely helpful in certain fights. Paladins are a strong class and great for beginners looking to upgrade from pure Fighter.

A pure Paladin is surprisingly effective as Smite can obliterate bosses. Alternatively, you could go the Hospitalier route which is one of the best healers you can have in your party.

Pathfinder Optimized Archer Build Guide

A Paladin also has the subtle benefit of fitting into the role of the hero and savior of the story better than other classes. At the moment pets are incredibly powerful and these two class subtypes exploit this well. Monster Tacticians absolutely need the animal domain and get a lot of mileage the more levels you put into it.

In the end, your main strength comes from pets and summons. Dragon Disciple is probably the strongest prestige class in the game. The benefits that come from multiclassing a few levels with this prestige are incredible. Eldritch Scions that focus on melee and strength get some durability benefits and strength bonuses from a few levels and any fighter that uses two-handed weapons will like the perks that come with this class.

But honestly, this was built for sorcerers that want to tap into their draconic nature and get a bit of durability with some raw damage potential. Alchemists are brutes seemingly no matter how you use them. A pure Alchemist has the powerful Mutagen ability that can stack with just about everything and infusion can let you buff allies.

But if you really like chucking bombs at your enemies then Grenadier is where your focus should be as it gets a ton of bonuses to bombs. The Vivisectionist is very capable, but fans often use it as a one-off level to get access to the helpful damage and mutagen boosts before doing other things.

You definitely want a companion to provide you with defense, but your bombs will obliterate everything in sight pretty quickly. You do not want the Magus class to be a pure Magus class, you want it for the specializations. Eldritch Scion can be great to multiclass with thanks to the damage bonus via Charisma and Draconic Bloodline is too powerful to ignore. Sword Saints sacrifice spells a bit to be more dangerous in melee and does very well at it. If ranged is more your thing than the Eldritch Archer is probably one of the best archers in the game.

best archer build pathfinder

These three side classes are awesome on their own and bring a lot to the table for multiclass characters. This is one of the few entries on this list where the base class is stronger than the archetypes. Your pet can wreck and distract enemies in close range while you pepper with arrows from afar. According to fans, Sorcerers are arguably the best class in the game right now. Where the real potential comes from are Sage Sorcerers who can really bring the pain as damage dealers or Sylvan Sorcerers who can burn through enemies and take quite a beating thanks to their tank-like abilities.

Drawn to darker and more horrifying games, he enjoys diving into the lore, secrets, philosophies, and complex characters found in those grim worlds. His only hope is there are other odd balls out there who are also attracted to the writhing things found in the digital void.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Pathfinder: Kingmaker Store Page. Global Achievements. Cartesii View Profile View Posts.

Hello again. Im intrested in a ranger and i read a lot and watched some guides. But what about the pure ranger? More archenemies and terrain and lvl 20 ability? Showing 1 - 15 of comments.

Amigo View Profile View Posts. I wouldn't count on getting lvl 20 ability. You will most likely not reach the max lvl in this game. Starting abilities and mid lvl abilities are the ones that matter most. If you like pure ranger, then go for it. Personally I prefer a fighter archer because there are so many feats a archer can get to make themselves better and the weapon training is nice for bonus to hit and damage.

Something I have done before though is because I dont like the fighter look is take 1 level ranger then the rest in fighter. But then i will lose my pet and the pet is rly rly good.

I guess i will go with ranger :. Originally posted by Cartesii :. Another option I like is Ranger 16 Rogue 4. Also gets full animal companion levels with boon companion Orange View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by Amigo :. Originally posted by Orange :. Vivi is absolutely awful on a ranged character. You waste pretty much everything Mutagens give you while still having to pay the penalty. Vivi is melee full stop. Last edited by dwarner ; 23 Oct, am.

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best archer build pathfinder

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