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For whatever reason, you may find yourself needing or wanting to send a text to someone without your phone number showing up at the other end. Being able to send an anonymous text is a minor protection of your privacy, but it might be one you find important one day—who knows?

In this article, I will show you several ways to send a text anonymously or semi-anonymously. How does anonymous texting work? Usually, SMS messages are packaged along with the sending number, the destination number, and the message itself. This is by design, so that individual packets your text may take up one or many packets, depending on how long it is can reach the destination number and be re-assembled into a coherent message. Including the sending number with the packet also lets the sending carrier know who to bill for the service.

With anonymous messaging, your sending number is stripped out after billing is triggered and then sent to the destination. Another, simpler approach to anonymous texts is apps and websites that use their own SMS numbers to pass along your message. The two main ways to send an anonymous text are through an app or through a website.

These services tend to come and go, so what follows are the apps and sites currently working in May of Apps open up a lot of functionality with your texts. For instance you can use apps to forward text messages to your email. There are a few apps that have anonymous texting either as their main function or as an added benefit. Most of these will work on both Android and iOS. Snapchat is a very well-known image-based social network.

Snapchat is well-known in the public consciousness thanks to the innovative way it allows us to communicate.

Instead, they disappear after a short time. The app includes the ability to send SMS without showing the identity of the sender. It can handle SMS, calls, image and file sharing, and will automatically self-destruct messages after a set time. It has a number of other privacy-oriented features and is worth checking out. Signal encrypts calls and texts, and you can send files and images securely.

It also has the option to suppress your caller ID when calling or messaging, which is ideal if you want to send an anonymous text or call someone in secret. Many restrict the number of messages you can send in a day but are otherwise reliable. These sites all work in about the same way.

I have tested each one of these with an SMS and the texts were delivered within two minutes with all of them. Bear in mind that, since these sites are all free, delivery is not guaranteed. TxtEmNow is a very slick website that allows you to an anonymous text to any North American or international phone.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page, enter the number and a message, and hit Continue. You have the opportunity to confirm the details, and then the text is sent. Delivery took a while, but it did arrive and was anonymous. It gets the job done though.Free Text Messaging. Here at Text For Free, we know that you are tired of paying text messaging fees.

That's why you can now send free text messages to almost any USA cell phone provider. You can even prank your friends because we offer anonymous text messaging, which means that your friends will never know who sent them the text message! Text For Free offers spam free text messagingmeaning we will never send you unwanted text messages or share your cell number with anybody.

What are you waiting for? Stop spending and start texting for free. Please enter the receiver's cellular phone number. Please enter the subject of the text message you'd like to send to the receiver. Please enter the text message you'd like to send to the receiver.

Character Limit When sending text messages via our free text messaging service, you can only send up to one-hundred and 40 characters. A character is a letter, number, or special character.

Sending Anonymous Free Text Messages

Please choose the receiver's cellular phone service provider. Free text messaging in the UK Don't Know? Sending a free text message signifies acceptance of the Terms of Service. Please make sure the form is filled out correctly and click the button below! Terms of Service.

Existing Login. Privacy Policy. Search website. ACS Wireles. Alltel PCS.

Send Message Secretly Without Your Number - Send SMS Like a Company Free Without Showing Sender

Bell Canada. Bell South. Edge Wireless.

anonymous text message

Metro PCS. Sprint PCS. Virgin Mobile. Forgot Password? Free Text Messaging Account Features. Network Global Network. USA Network. Auto Detection. Share Manage Contacts. Create Groups. Pc to Mobile File Share. Share with Friends. Organize Schedule SMS. SMS Reminders. Free Address Book.Do you want to send anonymous text to your friends and have fun? You are in the right place. There are many online sites offering that service, making it easy to send anonymous SMS with fake number. In this article, we are going to list the top 10 anonymous sites that let you to send anonymous text message from Internet without revealing your identity.

Please note these anonymous websites are intended for enjoyments purposes. Do not use these sites for any illegal activities at any time as your IP can still be easily tracked. SendAnonymousSMS is one of the largest and most trusted websites to send anonymous text message from computer for free.

It has an easy-to-navigate interface and delivers to almost anywhere in the world. TextForFree is another perfect anonymous texting site which allows you to send anonymous text messages from internet to almost any cell phone provider in the United States.

Besides, this site promises never send users unwanted text messages or share their numbers to third parties for any purposes.

anonymous text message

Started operation inTextem might be the best choice if you want to send free anonymous SMS without registration to your friends. It allows you to choose your preferred network carrier from the United States and send unlimited anonymous text messages to any mobile number. Unlike other sites in this list, Textem also allows you to send free anonymous text messages with pictures. TxtDrop is another free text messaging site that allows you to send anonymous SMS to any number without revealing your identity.

This website began the service since and continued to provide free web-based text messaging. Users in the United States and Canada can send anonymous text messages with instantly delivery. It is very easy to use.

Just enter your email, your friends mobile number and your messages, the site will send your text instantly. Anonymous text is a privacy-focussed anonymous texting service in the United States.

Send anonymous text messages with ease. After sending a message you can track the delivery of your message. There is no registration required and you can send messages worldwide. AnonTxt is a free and simple to use site that enables users to send free anonymous text messages to any mobile number. This website has a sleek yet easily accessible interface that everyone can understand.

There is no fees or registration required, you can send free anonymous texts to anyone in the United States or Canada in seconds. Seasms is another great solution if you want to send fake text messages from different number. This website also offers free anonymous text message service without registration, and you can send anonymous SMS and MMS to mobile numbers across the world.

You are able to send anonymous messages for up to characters along with photos, audio, video, and even documents. Sharpmail is also an amazing website that you can use to send anonymous text messages from any international number.

This website allows you to send and receive anonymous texts without giving away your identity. Just like Seasms, Sharpmail also lets you to send anonymous text messages to any destination in the world.

SMSflick is also a free and easy-to-use message website that allows you to send anonymous text without displaying of your name or identity. You can send free anonymous text to any phone numbers all over the world. Want to prank your friends by sending them anonymous text messages? Well, you can try SMSti.When compared to emails or any other internet-powered activity, messaging is a much more 'personal' exercise - and it should always remain private.

Nowadays everyone tends to have a closer look at their online privacy. And rightly so, because with all the NSA surveillance and hacking news hogging over the internet — there is no surprise why an average user feels paranoid about privacy. Not just I, we all at SpyAdvice, care about things like digital snooping, surveillance, data theft, and metadata — a lot.

But companies and governments are growing on the idea of having accessible information prepared for different situations. In fact, anything you do online gets recorded — you must have seen customized ads that are pretty much based on the page you visited last. Yeah admittedly, these things sometimes can have a good impact. Because of anonymous messaging apps, we get assured that only us and those with whom we communicate get to read what is being sent.

Hence, no spies around such as government, companies or even the apps developers themselves. Even if privacy is not a significant concern for you, you might want to have some fun while talking to strangers without getting caught. Or maybe you have come to know that talking to strangers posses emotional benefits, did you know?

And yes, one might look to prank friends by sending an anonymous message. You see there are many reasons why an anonymous messaging app would be a great help, right? And again, in this post-Snowden era, you simply can not take a risk on privacy. So, having many good reasons in mind, we thought of easing your life. Because it is all about our lives and we at SpyAdvice care about security and privacy more than anything else; here, we will tell you about some essential things that make a messaging app useful — right now.

The first thing is what we talked about a bit above already, the end-to-end encryption. It comes with the idea that removes the possibility of the provider to hand over chat logs to governments or any third party. Our second thing on anonymous messaging app criteria is openness and quality of the code. Did the app go from an independent review? Has it been recently checked and audited for the flaws?

One great thing is, their source code is public. And, source code being available publicly means that there is a way for security researchers to check for intentionally installed backdoors or vulnerabilities.Enter a name or an alias.

Enter a message subject. Enter the 10 digit number to send to. Characters left:. Fake your caller ID. Have any number appear on the caller ID of the person you are calling. Plus free voice changer and call recording. Instant Access! Whether you're looking to send holiday greetings, anonymous tips, secret admirer messages, or you're just concerned about your privacy, you've come to the right place.

Because we feel that communications privacy is rare, yet, more important than ever. We've worked to create a sleek, yet easily accessible, anonymous text messaging interface that everyone can understand.

We also wanted to ensure that our service is offered completely free of charge, because like most people, we hate paying fees for sending text messages from our cell phones. There's no registration required, so you can start sending free or anonymous online text messages, to anyone in the United States or Canada, in seconds. Message Status: AnonTxt. Read More Here. Block It Here. Digg this site Post to del.If you want to send an anonymous text to your friends or family, there are several websites and apps that offer this service.

Be sure that you are not sending harmful or threatening messages because even though the messages are anonymous, the IP address of the device being used an still be traced. One of the most recommended apps is TextSpy. It has a 9. It provides you with free anonymous numbers you can use to send your messages.

You can also receive messages from people using this app, which makes it one of the best options out there.

It is compatible with all iOS devices. Most users report that they find the app very user friendly and mostly use it when putting out Craigslist ads. Followed closely is Smiley Private Texting. It comes with a 9. The only limitation to this app is that it provides US and Canadian numbers only. Beyond that, it is a great app for sending messaged anonymously. It protects your privacy by generating a real number for free which you can use to do whatever you want. The entire service is free.

Another good anonymous message app is the Gliph app which really, goes beyond anonymous texting. You can also use it to buy and sell items of your choice. It is compatible with iPhones, desktops and other smart phones.

anonymous text message

Everyone is anonymous, numbers are protected and you can trade with bitcoin. You can also create group chats with other anonymous people. The app is free to use with no hidden costs.

Pinstant is an anonymous app that helps you do way more than text.An anonymous text message is a special type of message where you can choose the sender, the recipient, the message and the date of arrival.

It's easy to send an anonymous text message through this website. Choose your preferred sender from a list of phone numbers. You decide the sender yourself. Your message will be sent safely and completely anonymously. Prank a friend or a colleague with a sender of your choice. Or surprise your loved one on Valentine's Day. The real sender can't be traced. It will look like the message was sent from the sender of your choice. It's just like sending a letter with another sender written on the envelope.

Great if you want to pull a good prank! You don't need to register to send a text message.

anonymous text message

You can send the message right away or at a later time of your choosing. You can text to every country in the world.

Send a Text using internet. Free text messages or SMS to mobile phones.

As soon as you've written your text message, we will send it safely and completely anonymously. You have two choices for the sender of a text message: a phone number or a name short text. You can choose a sender ID from a list of phone numbers. You can also select a name as a sender depending on the country of the receiver.

For the recipient, it will look like the text message has come from the sender you've chosen. It's a single payment, and there's no subscription attached. The recipient of the text message will not be charged.

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